Tyranny Enough Already

About Us.

2008 – Ron Acton went to the first Republican / Tea Party Rally Under The Oaks on July 4th. Glenn Beck was new and different.

2009 – Under encouragement from other Tea Party associates Ron obtained the DNR ofJacksonTeaParty.org and affiliated with http://teapartypatriots.org for the JTP’s, (Jackson Tea Party), first website. Ron then started collecting email address of fellow Tea Partiers and organization in Jackson County, the state of Michigan and from around America. Ron organized and networked Tea Party Rallies with Republicans, 9/12 and other Tea Party groups which were being held in Jackson and Lansing.

2010 – Ron continued with Radio and Newspaper interviews, promotion of Tea Party Rallies by phone and email. JTP representatives attended the Mackinaw Tea Party meeting in late Summer. The largest event in Jackson was in the fall with the Tea Party Express. The crowd was estimated at 1,000 plus. More email address were collected for the JTP database. The Alternative Media surpassed the Main Stream Media. Alex Jones, Max Keiser, Gerald Celente and Bob Chapman were new and different. It was becoming fashionable to talk about the New World Order.

2011 – January Ron attended the Michigan GOP Convention and networked with other Tea Party Leaders in the room. February 28th. Paul Winter, Tea Party Organizer, assisted Ron’s kick off of the first official Jackson Tea Party Meeting at Steve’s Ranch restaurant.

A JTP Core Meeting was held a week later at Steve’s Ranch and volunteers’ offered their time and talents as JTP officers.

**Special Thanks from Ron to Little Sister, Julie, Steve, Big Brother, Ray, LeLand, Earl, Mike “The Mouth”, Big P, Keith and all the JTP members, who talked me into this hobby, and all the new JTP members since who have given me encouragement and political enlightenment. Words can’t express my appreciation. I’m not the JTP Leader. YOU ARE! This is only the beginning.

The Jackson Michigan Tea Party is a Political, Economic and Educational Club.

We have no affiliation with any political Tea Party and reject the creation
of a political Tea Party.

Our members are Non Violent Activists and each member is a Tea Party Leader.

The Declaration of Independence.
The Constitution.
The Bill of Rights.
Free Market Capitalism.
We endorse no political candidates or religious groups.
We are not racists, eugenicists, sexist or homophobes.

Join us to take back America.

Speak Boldly & Without Fear,

Ron Acton
Communications Director

I Won't Back Down - 9/12 DC Rally

9/12 Tea Party at the Nation’s Capitol, Washington DC, over one million come together to protest socialistic legislation that is contrary to the very foundation of our nation. No to government-run healthcare, no to Cap and Tax, no to insane spending and mammoth deficits, no to extra-Constitutional Czars, no to corruption in Congress, no to tax funding to criminals such as ACORN, no to thuggery of unions. Yes to Capitalism. Yes to Freedom.

Jackson Tea Party
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