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Jackson Tea Party Town Hall Meeting 75

Date – Tuesday July 11th, 2017.

Time – 6:00pm to 7:00pm, Tea Time, (dinner). 7:00pm to 8:30pm Meeting, Speaker and Q&A.

Location – Steve’s Ranch Family Restaurant, 311 West Louis Glick Hwy, Jackson MI 49201http://www.stevesranch.com/

SpeakerMr. Kerry Bentivolio, former Representative for Michigan’s 11th congressional district.

Topic – “Earn This.”.  Torches on our founding principles.

Website https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kerry_Bentivolio

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/people/Kerry-Bentivolio/100004403986580

BiographyA former automotive designer and private and public school teacher, the Honorable Kerry Bentivolio served with the US Army for 27 years full and part-time and is a combat veteran of both Vietnam as an infantry rifleman (1970-71), in Iraq in 2007 in operations for a combat Convoy unit with Michigan National Guard attached to the 82nd Airborne.   He served with the 113th United States House of Representatives and the only member of Congress to have served in both Vietnam and Iraq.  A House of Representatives historian said he was the “most effective and successful first term congressman in recent memory” (Ref: Oct 2013 Congressional Record).  He passed 3 Bills with 100% bi-partisan support and maintained an overall conservative Republican Platform score of 93% as measured by 10 conservative watch dog groups in DC who rate members of Congress.  He holds a Master’s Degree in Education and five undergraduate college majors.  Since leaving office he volunteers his time supporting and working with a Hillsdale Charter School, tending his one acre vineyard, his Honey Bee apiary and a garden.

The Congressman Kerry Bentivolio story is not one of deceit or corruption, though his story will have some of that; nor is it about power hungry politicians – both locally and nationally – working against the common good of the American people, though it will have some of that too.  Rather, his story can be told in terms easily understood:  What happens when a regular citizen finds himself in the extraordinarily irregular spot of being a member of the United States Congress?  What happens when an ordinary Joe finds himself in front of a phalanx of reporters?  Or when the man bumming a cigarette off of him is the Speaker of House?

Kerry’s story is what life is really like for those elected to represent us, and illuminates why Washington D.C. seems so out of step with the nation as a whole.  From envious local politicians scheming to undermine his time in office, to his greatest triumphs in our nation’s capital, the Honorable Kerry Bentivolio is going to tell you what it was like to be blessed with the opportunity to be a real Mister Smith Goes to Washington.

We encourage Teachers, Politicians and Public Officials to attend this meeting.  IT’S YOUR TAX MONEY!

Speak Boldly & Without Fear,


Ron Acton

Founder, Chairman & Communications Director

Jackson Tea Party




311 Louis Glick Hwy
Jackson, MI 49201
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